Green Vacation with Tradition: Our Path to 100% CO2-Neutral Energy Supply

Our facility is committed to a 100% CO2-neutral energy and hot water supply, supported by "renewable resources" and an advanced heat recovery system.

We rely heavily on environmentally friendly ecological construction methods and utilize solar and photovoltaic technologies extensively. The electricity and district heating we require are produced environmentally friendly through biogas and wood chips from the Prad power plant. For over two decades, we have been independent of fossil fuels. Additionally, we redirect pool water for flushing in the WC facility. Furthermore, we have converted all utility equipment such as mowers and transporters to electric operation. Sustainability permeates our everyday life, from energy-efficient LED and CFL bulbs to biodegradable cleaning agents. Even the private car of the boss is electrically operated. Since 2007, we have been proud to be part of the Ecocamping initiative.

However, this does not mean that we rest on our laurels. Driven by the desire to constantly strive for better solutions, we continuously contemplate potential improvements in all areas. This mindset propels us to explore new avenues to minimize our environmental impact and maximize the efficiency of our resource utilization.

The energy concept of our campsite has been refined by Senior Manager Herbert Wunderer out of personal interest and due to the family tradition in energy innovation. As far back as 1900, his grandfather was involved as a co-founder in the first hydroelectric power plant on the Tschrinbach in Prad. Hermann Wunderer, his father, led the mill and cooperative as chairman until the 1970s. Georg Wunderer, his son, shaped the cooperative with his visions and pioneering spirit for a long time. Until his unexpected death on June 1, 2018, he led the Prad power plant and transformed the market town of Prad into a European-recognized model community for climate protection.

Today, the family business and the business of the Prad power plant cooperative are continued by our son, Michael Wunderer. With expansion plans for a joint project, our goal remains to cover the energy needs (electricity and heat) of the local population and our guests as much as possible from renewable sources such as hydropower, solar energy, biomass, and biogas.

For guests with electric cars, we offer a charging station in our parking lot (for a fee).

Additionally, all guests receive the VinschgauCard throughout the year, which allows for free use of public transportation.

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