Evening a la carte restaurant "Al Bun Bacun" - Culinary delights in Prato allo Stelvio

Popular classics from Italian and Tyrolean cookbooks: Herdsman makkeroni, T-bone steak; various dumplings, a crispy veal Viennese schnitzel with roast potatoes and homemade cranberry jam, traditional boiled beef with onion and pumkinseed vinaigrette, Saltimbocca alla romana with rosemary potatoes and fennel vegetables and homemade apple strudel are a small foretaste of our down-to-earth alpine Mediterranean cuisine. Discover it yourself - in our Restaurant "Al Bun Bacun".

The name "Al Bun Bacun" comes from the Rhaeto-Romanic, also Roman-Romance language and means translated "good food or good bite".

Enjoy a drink in between, coffee and cake in the afternoon or a romantic à la carte dinner in the evening. You dine in a cultivated and comfortable way in the dining rooms and in summery temperatures on the sun terrace.

We recommend:

  • Tasty Tyrolean cuisine with selected ingredients from the region
  • Italian and international specialities
  • daily crunchy fresh salads and fresh vegetables from the buffet. 
  • dessert variations
  • delicious ice cream selection

A table reservation is recommended, at ther reception or also by phone at: +39 0473 864410


Opening hours - Restaurant: 23.03. - 04.11.2023

warm cuisine from 6 pm- 9 pm - SUNDAY IS REST DAY

Our menu

Salad from the buffet ... 


  • Fresh garden market salad, 12 different varieties

Cold, smoked and more ...

  • Fitness plate with summer salad, grains and seeds
       with turkey or prawns
  • Warm smoked trout fillet, lettuce and horseradish
  • Buffalo mozzarella with tomatoes and fresh basil
  • Parma ham and melon
  • South Tyrolean wurst salad with cheese, fresh bread
  • Venosta platter with bacon and smoked sausage or cheese platter

From the soup pots, everything homemade ...

  • Dumpling soup
  • Frittate soup
  • Soup of the day

Dumplings and homemade pasta ...

  • Southtyrol dumplings each with bacon, spinach, cheese and beetroot:
       Duet or Trif of dumglings
  • Homemade lasagna, mixed salad (every Saturday with reservation      the day before)

Pasta ...

  • Herdsman makkeroni "Al Bun Bacun"
  • South Tyrolean ravioli with spinach
  • Tagliolini with prawns and hot chili

  • Spaghetti :
  • with garlic, (olive oil and hot chili peppers)
  • with tomatoe 
  • bolognese
  • à la Amatriciana (with bacon, peperoni and hot chili pepper)s
  • carbonara, (roasted bacon with cream, egg and cheese)

Fish: from the sea and native ...

  • Fresh mountain trout "miller tradition" with parsley potatoes (every       Friday with reservation the day before)
  • Grilled salmon fillet, remoulade sauce
  • Roasted seabream

Side-dish: french fries, roasted potatoes, rice, patatoe croquettes, steamed vegetables.




Meat ...

  • Escalope chasseur and mushrooms sauce
  • "Cordon bleu" (pig or veal)
  • Beef goulash, dumplings and cabbage salad
  • "Wiener Schnitzel" (pig or veal)
  • Roast beef with onion sauce

From the grill ...

  • Filet steak from Angus beef and green pepper sauce
  • "Rumpsteak" from Angus beef and herb butter
  • Veal cutlet roasted from the grill
  • Turkey cutlet from the grill

Side dishes: French fries, roast potatoes, rice, croquettes, steamed vegetables.

Traditional spring kitchen ...

  • Asparagus cream soup
  • Tagliatelle with asparagus and shrimps
  • Asparagus with typical sauce and parsley potatoes/and with cooked       herbs ham
  • Asparagus as a side dish to the marked main course additional

  • Pizza or Pinsa with tomatoes, mozzarella, asparagus, ham bozner           sauce
  • Pizza or Pinsa white: with bufala mozzarella, asparagus, gamberetti,          cocktail tomatoes

Traditional autumn kitchen...

  • Finest stag goulash with cranberries on pear, homemade spaetzle           and red cabbage (seasonal)
  • Pappardelle with deer ragu (seasonal)

Children's menu

  • "Franki Würstel" sausages with ketchup and mayonnaise
  • "Children's plate Max" wiener schnitzel of veal with chips
  • "Rogue" plain pasta, tomato or bolognese sauce
  • "Connoisseur" gnocchi with tomatoe sauce
  • "Robber plate" portion of fries with ketchup and mayonnaise
  • "Little sparrow" eggs spätzli with sauce
  • "Pinsino" pinsa with tomatoes, cheese, ham and mais


  • Cakes of the day 
  • "Kaiserschmarrn", cranberry jam and vanilla ice cream
  • Warm chocolate cake, fruits and vanilla ice cream
  • Dessert creation
  • "Affogato" espresso, vanilla ice cream and whipped cream
  • Homemade apple strudel, vanilla ice cream and cream
  • Warm organic plums on vanilla ice cream
  • Two scoops of ice cream of your choice with whipping cream
  • Vanilla ice with hot raspberries
  • "Sgroppino" lemon ice cream and vodka

TAKE AWAY - Discount per meal minus € 1,00 (except soups, salads from buffet, dessert)

Enjoy your meal!

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